What's Your Key Marketing Message?

Get the “CURE” …

MARKETING is NOT merely creative – but SCIENTIFIC

“Rock-solid marketing is not based on “creative ideas” – it founded on known aspects of human psychology. Your strategy is then tested, measured and improved with real-time marketing metrics. If you want to attract, connect, and convert more lucrative clients, this is the single most important thing you can do.”

Good marketing follows a known SYSTEM to discover and promote your KEY MARKETING MESSAGE –

  • Your Message is the central, core story that connects you with your most lucrative prospects.

If you don’t already know your KEY MARKETING MESSAGE…

It’s Not Your FAULT

Your expertise and years of experience – which make you really good at what you do – may be blocking you from speaking to the underlying concerns of your prospects.

You Need A MIRROR…

Someone to reflect back to you what’s on the minds of your prospects to BLAST PAST any obstacles that stand in your way to attracting, closing, and keeping your most valuable clients.

This FREE “Do It With You” Training Gives You…

  1. How to intuitively read the minds of your target market and immediately profit from this knowledge.
  2. My 7 Step Scientific Marketing & Intuitive Research System, giving you more exposure, authority, and new hot clients in the next 3 months than you’ve gained in the past 3 years.
  3. Four ways to gain trust in today’s skeptical world – even if your best prospects right now don’t even know you exist.
  4. BONUS VIDEO: If you are making one of these “5 Most Common Marketing Mistakes”, this video will show you where your marketing message is off track – and how to fix it!

To watch my “Do It With You” Scientific Marketing and Intuitive Research video workshop, plus view the bonus video: “Are You Making These 5 Marketing Mistakes?”

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It will truly empower your company to attract and keep lucrative clients year after year.

Debra-Sue Cope,

Your Guide to The Scientific Marketing and Intuitive Research System

What Clients Are Saying:

trent 2“… a relevant, compelling, authoritative message to attract my most probable pool of customers.”

Before I took Debra-Sue’s Key Message Workshop, I was trying to meet everybody’s needs in a general way. But what I wanted was to understand who my target market is and how I can best help them. Going through the Workshop help me to isolate what I uniquely have to offer and who I can best serve.

As a result, I have the relevant, compelling, authoritative message to attract my most probable pool of customers. ~ Trent H. Turner, Elite Sr. Customer Support Engineer, Boulder, CO


Mark LRS

“…delivering high quality leads and establishing us as the industry leader.” 

We hired the research firm Key Market Research to create an educational, persuasive, engaging report to build relationships with media production companies who weren’t our clients yet. Backed up by research, trends, and evidence, it builds credibility with potential new clients and gives them valuable “need to know” information they want. It’s delivering high quality leads and establishing us as the industry leader. Plus, our Key Message is providing great content for our website. 

I highly recommend this marketing approach and Debra-Sue. ~Mark Ohlsen, LRS Recording Company, Chicago

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