Become visibile to your potential clients–gain multiple first page rankings with the search terms your prospects would naturally use to get information on your products and services.

How To Set Up And FEED Your Blog

Blogging is one of the best ways to build your presence on the Internet. With all its KEYWORD rich content, Google notices blogs. Your potential buyers will get to know your company and come to “know-like-and-trust” you… Exactly what they need to make a buying decision.

This is most definitely a Win-Win.  You continually feed the Google beast… AND you build rapport with your clients. The result?

Get ready for exponential business growth!

Key Market Research will set up your company blog for you on WordPress. We will optimize it for the search engines (SEO). To save you time, we will automatically populate it with your blog posts as you (or we) roll them out.  To find out more, Contact Us.

What’s Your Key Message?

If you’ve learned anything about getting traffic to your website at all, you know that “CONTENT IS KING.” But what content should you create? What key message will best connect with your most likely buyers?

At Key Market Research, discovering your Key Message is often where our clients get started with us. To find out more, join our FREE Webinar… on the first Wednesday of each month. Sign up to begin this journey to discover Your Key Message.

Strategically Blast Your Content To The Social Media Sites

You are ready. You’ve created fantastic, engaging, keyword-rich videos, articles, blog posts, podcasts… Now what? If you had to upload that content on-by-one to hundreds of media sites, it would take you days… weeks…  Who as the time?

We’ll do it for you–automatically. Give us your content and we’ll blast it out to hundreds of video sites like YouTube, article sites, social bookmarking sites, not to mention Facebook, Twitter and more.  You will have your own unique company profile across all of the social media sites. Your content will be constantly updated and current.

The search engines are like newspapers… always hungry for fresh, engaging content.  Keep them fed, keep them happy. All while you build your presence on the web.

Did you know…

Among all searches on the Internet, only 7% comes from Google.

Facebook recently surpassed Google for the most searches.

Combined they represent only about 15% of all searches performed.

Where are all of the other searches coming from? Largely, media sites like YouTube, Digg, and Delicious. Also the local directories. Imagine if YOUR CONTENT showed up in all these places! We will do this for you… automatically!

Contact us to find out how.

Be Found Online – Get Traffic – Attract clients. Find out how!

When a potential client searches the web for services and products like yours, make sure they find you. You must be visible to the search engines and be present on the social media sites.

Next, you must attract them like a magnet to your site. Even then, until they give you their contact information or call you directly, your business won’t grow.

We can help you get more visitors to your website and gain their contact information in exchange for something THEY want. That’s called “conversion.”

Discover more about SEO and find out how our internet marketing services can help you grow your business online.

If you know you want to attract more visitors to your website, get a FREE no-obligation SEO evaluation by emailing the following information:

1. Your website URL

2. Some keywords you’d like to rank on (or tell me if you “don’t know”)

3. The URL of your 2 top competitors in your niche

4. Your contact information: Name, phone and a good time to call you with the results.

Subject line: Website evaluation

Find out what you need to know to succeed on the Internet!

SEO: What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Back when phones were new, the best place for local business to advertize was in the Yellow Pages.

Yellow Pages are SO last century!

Now, the only place where fingers are doing the walking is on the keyboard. And business owners are better off–

Here’s why.

It’s tough to have a conversation with a phonebook. (It’s EASY with Social Media.)

What’s more, those Yellow Page ads are expensive–once printed, they’re set in stone until the next cycle. AND they’re microscopic compared to a simple website. And how the heck can you track results?

All those problems are solved with Internet marketing. Changes and updates are easy to make, there’s no limit to the amount of content you can provide, and detailed tracking is part of the package. You’ll KNOW your return on investment.

But here’s the rub… the Internet in NOT alphabetical. How will your most likely buyers find you?

When a potential customer searches on the internet for products and services like yours, how can you position YOUR company to be the one they choose?

Here’s the formula that works:

SEO Tip #1. Keyword rich content. Keywords are the natural search terms your prospects type into the search engines (like Google, Yahoo, or Bing) to find what they are looking for. For instance, a homeowner looking for someone to paint their house might type in “painters” or “house painting.”  You must use those same search terms, whatever they may be, in your content.

By content we mean videos, articles, podcasts, blog posts… “need-to-know” information that positions you as the client-centered, service-oriented expert. The LEADING AUTHORITY ready to serve their needs! That’s what we call YOUR KEY MESSAGE.

SEO Tip #2. Links. You can get quality links that help you be seen by the search engines, and links that don’t do anything for you, and a range in between. The next post will go more in detail about what quality links are and how to find them. Stay tuned.

SEO Tip #3. Traffic. More visibility means more traffic, which in turn, brings you closer to that coveted #1 position with the search engines. I will be revealing secrets to getting more traffic… Again, stay tuned for a post coming soon.

But you and I know that SEO–coming up in the search engine rankings when someone is looking for you–is only one step on the path to getting more business.

The next step is to compel prospects to visit your site and then, most importantly, to take you up on your offer. That’s known as “conversion.” It’s like being able to lead the horse to water and make him so thirsty, and the water so wet, that he can’t help but drink. More about that down the road.

Right now, what I’d like your chief take away to be, is that the Internet is becoming more important than all other forms of marketing for many businesses. Internet marketing done right is your answer to how to spend your maketing dollars most effectively.

If you want to see how this applies to your business… how to improve your visibility and conversion rate with your most likely buyers… give me a call at 303-570-4206. Or you can email me at

Right now, for a limited time, I’m giving FREE Website And SEO Analysis for business owners who want to make more money and BEAT THE ECONOMY!

How to multiply your visibility and credibility with a VIDEO WEB BLAST

michaelPeakOur guest today will show you how to catapult your on-line presence into the limelight – how to attract a host of hot new prospects and turn them into loyal fans eager to do business with you.

Michael Peak is an Emmy Award winning television journalist who has branched into the world of internet marketing to help business owners and entrepreneurs grow their business.  He applies his vast array of television skills to produce a WEB BLAST of compelling, persuasive, engaging videos to win higher rankings on search engines—higher rankings that immediately translate to more business.

Today the clients who use Michael’s video blast techniques are making millions of dollars per year in additional profits promoting themselves online. But most importantly, Michael is here today to teach you how YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

Debra-Sue: Michael, I’m so excited to have you as my guest today. I’m looking forward to learning from you over the next hour. Welcome to the call.

Michael: Thank you for have me here today.  It’s really quite an honor. Thank you for having me as your guest.

Debra-Sue: You are welcome. Michael, why don’t we start with your story. How did you get involved in promoting businesses through video?

Michael: It goes all the way back when I first got started in television.  When I was 19 years old, my first job was to carry around a 40lb tape recorder for $3 an hour.  I worked my way up in television. After many years  I was free lancing for video stations and began producing infomercials, basic commercials, investor videos, and demo videos—high end, broadcast quality videos.

Today I have found ways for people to get broadcast quality videos at an affordable rate and create a powerful video presence.

Debra-Sue: Why is having video on your website such a powerful medium for attracting clients?

Michael: This is only something I’ve discovered recently.  About a year ago I discovered a way to increase traffic to your site just by using video. Most people want more traffic to their website.  Google and the other search engines love video.  If you have video, they will find you. The more places you put your video, the more Google sees you are all over the place and thinks you must be really important. They start ranking you really high and sending traffic your way.

Knowing this, I began adjusting my strategy to help people who could do something for their own site that is more modest and actually more effective than doing a big production.

Debra-Sue: This is really interesting. How do your videos get seen and multiplied all around the search engines?

Michael: When I work with my clients I have a process.  We do a series of videos, 10-20 over a couple of days.  Then I have a system for doing a web blast. I will up load them to 35 sites with videos, articles, podcasts, and blogs. On day 1 I blast the first one, day 2, the next one. And so forth. Google sees you have 35 videos and 35 new blog posts each day.  Google says, wow, this person is really interesting.  They can’t help but rank you really high because they are set up to see video. If you have so many videos, they have to see you.

You can do this 2-3-4 times and have it be very effective.  We use the web blasting technology. There’s no effort on your part except to make the videos.

Debra-Sue: What if someone is inexperienced or shy in front of the camera –can you help them with that?

Michael: Yes, I have a background in NLP and hypnosis. I do a quick process and get them upbeat and ready.  They used to call me “voodoo man’, affectionately of course.

Most people I work with now are not used to being in front of the camera.  Over the years I have known the best of the best on camera.  I know what they do to be really good on camera.  I am really good at coaching people to get them over their fear and improve their presence in a very short time.

Debra-Sue: What you give them is a skill in presenting that will stay with them beyond the production of the videos. That’s a tremendous gift you are giving people to have that kind of speaking presence.

What I like about this approach is that it’s high tech and high touch.  It’s much more compelling to see someone talking than to have a static picture or no picture at all. Listeners can see examples of this by visiting Michael, anyone can make a video, but how did you get that great ocean background?

Michael: I shot that in my living room in front of a green screen.  Then I added the background.  When you do videos in front of your laptop or webcam, they really look terrible.  It lowers your status.

We want to make you an expert.  When you do your web blast, it brands you as an expert. When you look really great, you are showing success.  You wouldn’t believe the stuff I’ve seen in the background of people’s video.  How much credibility do you have in that case? Not much. It’s all about credibility.

We can get traffic to your site, but that is just one part of it. The other big thing is to brand you as the expert. Then when someone does want your products and services, they will go to you because they see you as the expert.

Also, news media finds you.  A lot of people contact me for my programs.  I did a series of videos for my hypnosis business and had people calling me to speak at their events because NOW I am labeled as an expert.  Whereas before, I did hypnosis but I wasn’t well know.

After your video blast, you will be the person people will call. When you put your videos out there, they stay out there. People will watch them and link to them and take the embedding code and put them on their site.  You wind up all over the place.

Debra-Sue: This is really powerful. But you are right; the videos have to look good to have a professional impact.

What about their message? One of the things I do for my clients is to help them develop a message to attract leads and build rapport. How do you come up with the message that people will say on the video?

Michael: I used to write scripts but with these video blasts I don’t do a lot of writing for people because I want to keep the price down.

I give them a simple template to know what to say to build their credibility. They should ask themselves, what are the 10 most frequently asked questions? What 10 questions should people be asking? What objections must be overcome in advance?

Debra-Sue: This is something I can help your clients with, to come up with the script for their video blast.  I can help them develop their content, with stories and hooks to engage their listeners. And how to add wow factors based on research.  I have a system that is very cost-effective.  I can help business owners who want to do your video blast and want some help with the script.

Michael: Some people are naturals in front of the camera, most people are not. Most people need a script. So we have a teleprompter—it’s very common to use them.  You want to have all of your scripts down pat.  So yes, they can work with you and get their script down pat and then upload it into the teleprompter.

Debra-Sue: What kind of results can they expect with their web blast?

Michael: That depends.  You want it to be key word rich.

Let’s use a chiropractor as an example.  If you just used the word ‘chiropractor’, there would be too many hits, too much competition. We have to put words together, such as ‘Denver treatment for backache’. I work with people on the key words because they need to get that right.

The title of your script will be key words, and the short description of your video is full of key words.  We figure out a way to use key word combinations to get you high in the rankings.

It’s even more effectively locally because you can put in your location.  For instance, Denver Life Coach.  Let me guess there aren’t a lot of life coaches in Denver with a good looking video campaign.  If I’m looking for a life coach, I want the person coaching me who looks successful in a professional looking video.

Most people don’t have the experience to know how to make a great looking video.  For me, it’s really easy because it’s my expertise.  I’m really good at making you look good on video.

Debra-Sue: If you’re going to make me look really good, I’m ready to sign up. I’d love to have really great videos to promote my business, and I’ll bet a lot of listeners will want that too.

You’ve developed a great technique of helping business owners get more clients.  Even beyond the video is the knowledge you are teaching to help people become more persuasive.

michael Peak PersuasionMichael: I teach a course in persuasion that is on video.  Your tonality is so important.  On the phone, tonality makes up 80% and the words only 20%. In a video or in person, body language is 55% and tonality is 38%. One of the most important things is to have your voice go down.  Practice that.

To become authoritative over the phone you want your voice to go down. You will have a more commanding presence and be seen an authority in your field.

To get the video will that will help you be more powerful in your tonality, visit You will receive a free 30 minute video on how to do a hypnotic induction.

It’s great to offer something free through a video.  It will raise your credibility and set you apart from your competition. With video you can have a chance to establish rapport and give people a good sense of what you’re all about. That speaks volumes.

Debra-Sue: By visiting your site our listeners can see your approach to building your business with video.  You can help them do the same for their business.

What words of wisdom do you want to leave with your listeners?

Michael: Find someone one in your area to get the video done, or come to southern California and I will do them with you.  When you get your videos done, I will help you do the video blast.  Come find me and I will help you grow your business.  It’s all about getting out there and making money.

Debra-Sue: Thank you Michael, that was incredibly informative.  I encourage everyone to visit you at .  Or they can email you at or call you at 858-277-6328. They’ll be glad they did!

7 Marketing Myths Blocking Your ROI

Measure your marketing not by its cost, but by its Return On Investment.

Are you happy with the results of your marketing? 99% of business owners want MORE from their marketing dollars, time, and effort.

If that’s you, stay tuned… Over the next 7 posts I will explore with you 7 myths that stand in your way to getting the return on your marketing you deserve. Let’s start with the marketing myth I hear most frequently:

man wallMARKETING MYTH #1:  “The most important purpose of my marketing is to promote my services.”


The number one purpose of your marketing is to gain your Key Buyer’s TRUST. We simply don’t do business with people we don’t trust.  By “promoting” your services, you take on the persona of “salesperson” and undermine your credibility.  Selling-based marketing builds walls NOT bridges.

Instead, build rapport and position yourself as the leading authority using Education-Based Marketing.  This allows you to attract new clients, increase referrals, strengthen client loyalty and be seen as the expert—without being ‘salesy’.  Education-Based Marketing gives your Key Buyers what they want—the knowledge to make their best possible decision—and eliminates what they don’t want, a sales pitch.

Your philosophy, not the economy, determines your income

Consumer Confidence Tanks

Consumer Confidence Tanks

No surprise—income is down, unemployment is up, even slippery savings are piling up—people and businesses are holding onto their cash as if we were heading toward the GREAT RECESSION. Or lost in it.

It’s getting tougher just finding a pair of ears willing to listen to you.

What you may need is a powerful way to connect with their fears—and overcome them!

If you’ve been in business for a while, you already know, at least intuitively, the sales process proceeds in 4 steps: Connect, Qualify, Negotiate, Close. When we CONNECT, we build the initial relationship, get to know the person or group, and establish ourselves as someone who is likeable and trustworthy.stepping stones

The QUALIFY step opens the door to talk about the benefits and features of your product and services to see if there’s a good fit right now. You are qualifying them and they are qualifying you. Do you have what they want?

NEGOTIATE gives you the opportunity to talk prices and terms. Of course, the final step is the purpose of the process—to CLOSE the sale and fulfill on your promises. The goal is to move your potential buyer to take the next step, toward the close.

Sound familiar?

The #1 mistake most business seekers make is they skip over the first step and move directly (or too quickly) to talking about themselves, their product, and its features.

Their presentation is all about THEM. Why they are superior, great and wonderful… And, of course, why you should do business with them.


People are hard-wired to think of themselves first. It’s like dating. Your initial emphasis must be focused on their interests and FIRST give them something of value up front. This establishes you as keenly knowledgeable and concerned about them. You invoke the power of reciprocity—long before you begin to “sell”.

How can you do that?

What you may be lacking is a powerful presentation to help you make that initial connection. What should be in that presentation? Ask yourself this question, ‘What is of most interest to them, what fears do they have, what hopes and dreams’… speak to those interests first, the “little voice in their brain” BEFORE you even begin to talk about your P&S.

This approach is called Education-Based Marketing. Perhaps you’ve come across this in your snailmail and inbox. It looks something like this…

WARNING! Do not hire a contractor before you first read this independent research report on the 5 most dangerous trends…

Those free reports are filled with compelling information that you’re genuinely glad to know before you decide to buy.

Let’s face it. You, like everyone else, want to make the best possible buying decisions. You want all the little know facts in advance—before you make your purchase.

What kind of information should go in your free report?

Use this as your pattern: Make a point, tell a story. Make a point, tell a story.

The “point” for a contractor could be data showing that a dangerous number of ex-cons are being hired to come in your home to do the work. Follow this with a story of what happened to so-and-so, with a picture of an innocent child with her mom… and BINGO! You’ve made a startling point that directly relates to the concerns and fears of your potential buyer.

The solution? Choose a contractor that only hires bonded, licensed workers (which just happens to be your company’s certified practice).

A few more facts and stories like that and you will have created a dialogue that makes an indelible connection with your potential buyer. You’ve empowered them to make good choices and established yourself as the undeniable expert. WITHOUT selling.

If you want to explore how POWER PRESENTATIONS can apply to you in your specific market to help you attract and engage more new clients, send me an email or give a call. We’ll take an honest look at how this might make winning more new clients a heck of a lot easier for you. Especially in this unsettling economy…

What’s the single biggest marketing challenge you face?

704765_office_life“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted;
the trouble is…

I don’t know which half!”

~ John Wanamaker

Dear Business Owner,

What entrepreneurs like you tell me again and again is they wish their marketing dollars brought in more business. They know marketing is important, but the results just aren’t showing up.

Sound familiar?

There’s a key mistake 99% of business owners make–they use their marketing money and time to talk about how great their company is and why everyone should do business with them.

Now, let me ask you.  When you want something, do you care how great the provider claims they are? Or do you want to make the best buying decision, based on getting what YOU want at the best possible price?

Do you want to know what makes marketing and advertising work?  It’s the focus on the client that matters.Perception

Let me put your efforts to get clients in a different context.  Remember that first date? It’s a lot easier to get a date when you start the conversation about the other person’s interests, rather than talking about yourself.

Try THAT with your marketing… Find out what interests, fears, hopes your best potential buyers have.  Better yet, get to know the little voice inside their head that keeps talking to them… If you can capture THAT, and speak to it, YOU have an attraction magnet.  It works like gravity.  No one can resist finding out more…

What else do you need to do to make your overtures successful?  You must know and understand the hidden, internal objections they carry around with them.  Things like,

no“You’re too expensive”

“I tried that already, it didn’t work”

“Why should I listen to you?”

Those thoughts are automatic, predictable, a natural barrier that keep them from seeking you out and letting you into their world.

You must overcome those barriers in advance and set their buying criteria in your favor.  In this way, YOU control the lens through which they see you–WAY before you begin to talk about the benefits and features of your products and services.

Third and just as important, they must see you as the expert.  You must become the “go to person” who will meet and exceed their expectations.

Want some help attracting more key buyers to your business?

Send me an email and I’ll send you more details on how to do this, FREE, at no charge to you.

939804_team_work_2You’ll be glad you did!

To your success and well-being,

Debra-Sue Cope
Key Market Research, LLC


(Privacy statement: At Key Market Research, we respect your privacy.  We won’t share or sell your email address with anyone. Period.)