Thanks for asking! I’d like to be getting to know you soon, too.

A quick word about my background and out-in-the-trenches experience, then on to my family…

I come from a family of entrepreneurs. My bent has always been research and writing. When I discovered Direct Response Marketing… another entrepreneur was born!  I’ve learned from the best: Dan Kennedy’s No B.S. Marketing, the Outrageous Bill Glazer, Frank Kern, Jay Abraham…

One of the best way for my clients to use their Key Message to build their business is to turn it into a series of videos and create an automatic lead generation and follow-up system.

The results have been fantastic.

This is the BEST way to quickly gain visibility (i.e. come up on top when a potential buyer searches on your best keyword phrases). This gets lots off eyeballs to your site (traffic). My system also converts them to leads you can follow up with, builds the relationship by following up with relevant information, positions YOU as the leading authority… everything you need to do to GET MORE BUSINESS!!

Success with search engine optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing starts with great content.

Before I got involved in Social Media Marketing, for four years I produced “Core Stories” for Chet Holmes and Empire Research Group.  That gave me great experience on how to uncover my client’s unique solution, determine their ideal clients, and draw out their most compelling story.  There’s practically no industry I haven’t served–from Coaches to Engineers, Real Estate to Staffing Companies…

What industry are you in? I’ve probably produced a story for one of your competitors. Don’t miss out on the most essential exploration… uncovering your unique difference and how to give your buyers what they want most.

One more thing about my training. On the road to today, I went to U.C. Davis and earned an MS in Economics, a “dismal science” which makes me GREAT at finding pain and agitating it… and your hidden niches of opportunity…family 2

Now on to my family.

Here are my children, Mira who’s a Junior at the University of Denver, Eliza–a freshman at University of Denver, and my 15 year old son Dow, World of Warcraft aficionado!

In addition to family life, I get inspired by great quotes from great thinkers, how about you?

Here’s a special message from Jim Rohn, America’s foremost business philosopher:

Motivation is a mystery.  Why does one business person see the first prospect at seven in the morning and another business person is just getting out of bed at eleven? I don’t know. It’s part of the mysteries of life.

Give a lecture to a thousand people. One walks out and says, “I’m going to change my life.” Another one walks out with a yawn and says, “I’ve hear all this before.” Why is that? Why wouldn’t both be affected the same way?  Another mystery.

The millionaire says to a thousand people, “I read this book and it started me on the road to wealth.”  Guess how many go out and get the book?  Very few. Isn’t that incredible? Why wouldn’t everyone get the book? A mystery of life.

My suggestion would be to walk away from the 90% who don’t and join the 10% who do.

~ Excerpt from the Challenge to Succeed Seminar

1004211_keysHow about you? Are you part of the enterprising 10%? Then take the journey with me and discover Your Key Message… See you on the call!

To your greater success and happiness,