Are You STRICKEN With The CURSE of Knowledge?

You may not realize this but the very thing that makes you so good at what you do – better than anyone else – is most likely getting in your way in communicating with your prospects and clients.

If you’re forgetting what it’s like not to know what you know, then you can’t possibly speak the language of your prospects and clients.

The Tower of Babble

You solve problems and build solutions. You are good at what you do – really good.

But if your curse of knowledge prevents you from reading the minds of your most lucrative buyers, then you will never be able to connect effectively and build lasting relationships.

Reading the minds of your most lucrative buyers isn’t the first step. You must start by “creating your container” – a 4 step patented process guaranteed to change the way you think about the business you are in, your target market, and your methods of engagement.

My process helps you to do just that… it systematically and scientifically engages your hottest prospects, the ones you most want as clients, and give them a reason to seek only you.

Then my system follows-up with them automatically. You’ll create conversations with them, answer their questions, and develop TRUST in you BEFORE you ever talk with them personally.

Really, the fastest way to grow your business is by overcoming objections in advance and building rapport… getting them to KNOW LIKE & TRUST you. You won’t have do to much selling. Done right, they will be predisposed to BUY.

Warm up cold leads in advance. It WORKS!

How many new clients can you handle? How BIG do you want to GROW? Find out how this can work for your business.

Contact me for a FREE 15-Minute Scientific Marketing Message Assessment at or call me at 303-570-4206 and we’ll find out how this Scientific Marketing and Intuitive Research System can work for you.

(Let Me Let You In On A Secret…)

The KEY to SUCCESS is having the right need-to-know MARKETING MESSAGE. First, you must discover your SCIENTIFIC KEY MARKETING MESSAGE.

Here’s what you need to do to get started:

What I hear consistently from my clients is that the PROCESS of Exploring and Discovering their Scientific Key Marketing Message is a real eye-opener about their Most Lucrative Buyers and their Strategic Business Opportunities.

Even more transforming for their business growth is LAUNCHING their Scientific Key Message.

By Exploring-Discovering-Launching Your Key Marketing Message, we will be building the most compelling, interactive, motivating connection with your most lucrative buyers to your business.

Don’t wait… the one thing you can’t replace is the opportunity cost of TIME.

Three ways we can explore working together:

1. Exclusive “Do It For You” Package: This engagement is EXCLUSIVE in that I only work with ONE business in an industry niche. It includes a complete Discovery & Design & Launch of Your Scientific Key Marketing Message. This step-by-step process is marked by 4 Milestones:

Milestone 1 – Create the “Container” for Your Key Message; Explore Your Business Identity, Discover Your Most Lucrative Relationships, Set The Buying Criteria, and Determine the Outcome you seek.

Milestone 2 – Engage in Intuitive Research About Your Market, Your Competitors, and the True Business You Are In – It may be different than you think.

Milestone 3 – Create Your Scientific Key Marketing Message

Milestone 4 – Use Your Key Message To Attract, Engage, and Build Lasting Relationships with Your Most Lucrative Clients.

Investment: $10,000

2. “Do It With You” Coaching Package: One-to-one guidance through the process of Exploring-Discovering-Launching Your Scientific Key Marketing Message. Together we will schedule 5 fully-recorded coaching sessions at mutually convenient times to walk you through the process. You will have access to the Key Message Workbook to develop your marketing message and build relationships with your most lucrative clients.

Investment: $2,997

3. “Do It With You” Group Coaching Package: Join a group call with Debra-Sue and use the on-line Key Message Workbook to discover how to attract and build relationships with lucrative clients. Occurring over 5 weeks, this group package includes a recorded webinar training followed by a live Q&A session later in the week.

This is how you will Explore-Discover-Launch Your Key Message in a group setting. You’ll go through the same process as with the Personal Coaching Package, plus you’ll have the added benefit of learning with your peers. Each week you will have the opportunity to ask specific questions about your unique process. This Q&A will be invaluable in helping you to develop your Scientific Marketing Message and build lasting relationships with your best buyers and clients.

Next 5-Week Session: TBA

Investment: $997

If what what you want most is to attract new clients, increase referrals, strengthen client loyalty and position yourself as the expert… the LEADING AUTHORITY… then you must choose the level of engagement that best fits your marketing budget and meets your business growth needs.

This INVESTMENT of your time and resources will pay off huge dividends. Never think about marketing in terms of cost… instead, make your decision based on your RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI).

What others are saying about Debra-Sue:


trent 2Before I took Debra-Sue’s Key Message Workshop, I was trying to meet everybody’s needs in a general way. But what I wanted was to understand who my target market is and how I can best help them. Going through the Workshop help me to isolate what I uniquely have to offer and who I can best serve. As a result, I have the relevant, compelling, authoritative message to attract my most probable pool of customers.

Trent H. Turner
Elite Sr. Customer Support Engineer and
Mac Evangelist

Mark LRS

We hired the research firm Key Market Research to create an educational, persuasive, engaging report to build relationships with media production companies who weren’t our clients yet. Backed up by research, trends, and evidence, it builds credibility with potential new clients and gives them valuable “need to know” information they want. It’s delivering high quality leads, establishing us as the industry leader, and growing our list. Plus, our Key Message is providing great content for our website.  I highly recommend this marketing approach and Debra-Sue.

~Mark Ohlsen, LRS Recording Company, Chicago


Knowing what to say and who to say to is the most overlooked KEY to BUSINESS GROWTH—for must business owners, the untraveled road to success. Finally… there’s someone fantastic here to help you launch and reap the rewards.

See you on the road to greater success and happiness…


P.S. What is a Webinar? It’s an audio-visual seminar conducted through the Internet. You will be given link-up information with GoToMeeting to see the presentation LIVE on your computer screen and hear me with your microphone. Or you can call on your phone instead. All of the link-up information will be emailed to you.

The Webinars will be fully recorded and send to you for you to review at your own pace.